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Polished Concrete Professionals

Welcome to Polished Concrete Professionals, a Sydney based privately owned concrete polishing company est. 2004. When you choose Sydney Polished Concrete Professionals for your flooring and installation projects, you choose a team of highly skilled technicians dedicated to providing you with a completed job on time, on spec and on budget.
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Polished Concrete is a generic term that describes a variety of decorative concrete flooring options often having a polished or gloss surface finish. We specialise in Commercial, Industrial and Residential polished concrete floors, click the links below to view our work in these areas...
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The highly polished natural stone finish of polished concrete is ideal for a huge variety of applications such as airports, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, bars and offices, the list is endless. Polished Concrete comes in various finishes, click on the image above to view the possibilities.

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We have the experience over many years of polishing hundreds of concrete floors in lots of different situations. We have the experience to to come out with the best outcome for your project.

Eye For Detail

We have the eye for detail to excel in any size of project. We can take on any size of project from a small residential job to a massive warehouse, our eye for detail means that our finish will be consistent through the whole job, we do not cut corners, we are ...
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We offer very competitive pricing on all the projects we quote on.

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