About Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is a generic term that describes a variety of decorative concrete flooring options often having a polished or gloss surface finish.

It is common to grind the floor to expose the aggregate. You could choose a light grind that would have a little bit of stone showing, through to a heavy grind where a lot of stone is showing or not have any stone showing at all and just have the floor polished or sealed.

There are many different types of sealers that can be used.

There are matt finishes as well as gloss finishes. With something like a Superfloorâ„¢ the gloss on the floor is not from a coating but from the concrete itself being polished to a very high 3000 grit.

The highly polished natural finish of polished concrete is ideal for a huge variety of applications such as airports, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, bars and offices, the list is endless. In addition the hard wearing and easy cleaning qualities make polished concrete incredibly versatile.

Polished concrete is the latest technology from the flooring industry, giving a seamless finish that is:

  • highly decorative
  • easy to clean
  • hard wearing
  • long lasting
  • dust free
  • slip resistant
  • economical
  • ecological