The Ideal Surface Finishes For Your Concrete Floors

Superfloor™: our top of the range finish

Superfloor™ is a brand  name for a type of floor that is densified  and polished. Hiperfloor™ is another brand name for this process and there are others.

Once densified the concrete is usually polished up to 1500 or 3000 grit. So the gloss you see on the floor is from the concrete itself and not from a sealer. We do apply a penetrating sealer after polishing though for added stain resistance.

The surface is similar to a stone bench top with excellent durability and abrasion resistance.

It is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

In domestic situations it is the sensuality and lustre of the finish which makes it the best choice, in industrial situations it is its ability

to withstand heavy traffic including forklifts and its low maintenance costs. In commercial situations such as restaurants and busy retail outlets it is valued for both these qualities.

If you would prefer a satin finish we can polish to 800grit or polish to 400grit for more of a matt finish.

htcsuperfloorlogoHTC Superfloor™ is a refined concrete floor, grinded and polished with HTC’s effective machines and diamond tools. Click here for more info.

Other Finish Solutions

Two part clear, water based epoxy and/or polyurethane sealers:

Very hard wearing, especially suitable for commercial premises.

The floor is usually honed to around 120grit and then the sealer applied. Satin, gloss and matt finishes are available.

Water based polymer sealer:

Often seen in residential premises, these sealers can be burnished to get an extra glossy appearance. Not as hard wearing as epoxy but very easy to recoat.

Penetrating sealer:

Sometimes if  a more slip resistant surface is wanted (e.g. outdoors) we can hone the concrete and apply a penetrating sealer.

The penetrating sealer will provide more slip resistance than if a topical sealer was applied to the same surface.