Level of Exposure

The Level of Exposure  is a term that defines the amount of aggregate within a concrete mix that can be seen after grinding.

Every concrete mix has aggregate (stones) as a component.  The type of concrete and how it was poured will determine factors like the colour, density, size and distribution of these stones.   The exposure level possible will depend on how the concrete has been installed and finished.

The flatter and better it is finished the better the consistency of exposure and greater the exposure level choice you will have.

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Full Aggregate Exposure

Where a heavy grind is done removing approx. 3-5mm from the slab to provide full aggregate exposure.

Random aggregate exposure:

A light to med grind removing approx. 1-3 mm from the slab which usually provides more aggregate exposure in some spots than others. This is some times called the industrial look.

Nil exposure:

The concrete is polished with the aim of not revealing any aggregate. However to do this you need a well finished flat slab.